Strest® - St-Francis


Strest® - St-Francis

Strest® Adrenal tonic . Strest is used in herbal medicine for the temporary relief of symptoms of stress, such as fatigue and feeling weak. There is no formula on the market, just like St. Francis Herb Farm's Strest, which combines six of the world's most important herbal adaptogens. Strest nourishes the nervous system and offers a way to reduce anxiety and mental fatigue. At the same time, it helps sleep patterns and promotes a calm state of mind.

Medicinal ingredients (per 1 ml): (Rhodiola rosea, root) 0.25 ml (1: 4, QCE 63 mg) Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum, leaf) 0.25 ml (1: 4, QCE 63 mg) Ashwagandha ( Withania somnifera, root) 0.16 ml (1: 4, QCE 40 mg) Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus, root) 0.16 ml (1: 4, QCE 40 mg) Milky oat seed (Avena sativa, seed) 0 , 12 ml (1: 1, QCE 120 mg fresh OR 1: 4, QCE 30 mg dry) Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis, fruit) 0.06 ml (1: 4, QCE 15 mg)

The hodiola rosea is a plant traditionally used as an anti-fatigue and adaptogenic agent. This root appears to be very reliable in reducing symptoms of fatigue, and improving symptoms of stress and well-being, in people tired of non-exercise stressors.

The holy basil calms the mind and relieves stress to boost immunity and help quell inflammation, it works holistically systemically to normalize and balance all of the human form, as opposed to one or some individual parts.

The 'Ashwagandha can effectively reduce symptoms in people suffering from stress and anxiety disorders, and can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone).

Eleuthero , also known as Siberian ginseng, is a potent adaptogen that has been used in medicinal Chinese medicine since the 16th century.

The oats , nourishes and tones your nervous system.

The Schisandra is a substance that the body balance, improves brain function and longevity.

Nonmedicinal ingredients: Distilled water Certified organic alcohol Dosage: Adults: Take 3 ml (90 drops) 2 times daily in a little water on an empty stomach. Not to be taken immediately before bedtime.

 50 ml