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PHYTO-DRAINOL is a product whose action is based on both herbal and homeopathic action. Indeed, PHYTO-DRAINOL aims to drain four organs.


- Liver.

- Kidneys

- The skin

- The intestines.


Liver function is activated by the action of certain plants such as:

 1- DANDELION or TARAXACUM which has for main indication to drain the median lobe of the liver while having at the same time a diuretic action.

 2- CHELIDOINE or CHELIDONIUM will also drain the liver, more exactly the right lobe, it is a plant rich in berberine.

 3- The THISTLE MARIE or CARDUUS MARIANUS also has an action on the liver but on the left lobe.

 The combined action of these three plants will drain the liver in its entirety, it is a real detoxification of the organ that will take place.

 4- GOLDEN VERGE or SOLIDAGO is a plant which, in addition to its action on the liver, has an extremely important diuretic action.

 The kidney function is activated by a diuretic action which allows the waste products produced by the activation of the liver to be eliminated.

 5- DANDELION or TARAXACUM with its action on the liver also has a very important action on the kidney, it is a diuretic. GOLDEN VERGE or SOLIDAGO or also has a double action (liver and kidney).

 6- SPINE VINETTE or BERBERIS has been known for many centuries for its diuretic action.

 The skin is also a place of elimination of certain waste products from the body. Indeed we all know that some subjects have a greater cutaneous elimination, it is with these people that it will be necessary to drain this emunctory.

 7- GREAT BURDOCK or ACTIVUM LAPPA is used for its cutaneous action.

 The intestine should not be forgotten, a rebellious constipation can aggravate a subject who is already not eliminating well.

 8- It is for this reason that we have not forgotten to add a small amount of laxative to PHYTO-DRAINOL: SENNE or CASSIA ANGUSTIFOLIA.


Thus, with the mixture of all these plants, we obtain the product PHYTO-DRAINOL which will allow a real cleansing of the body by acting on the intestine, the liver, the kidneys and the skin. PHYTO-DRAINOL is in fact what you might call a UNIVERSAL, GLOBAL DRAINER, which should be given before any treatment and after every season in order to detoxify the body.

 250 ml