Palma Christi /Huile de ricin

Palma Christi

Palma Christi - Castor Oil

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Palma Christi / Castor oil.

Castor bean extract with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties , for sprains , engorgement and strains in poultices . In massage on the scalp ( baldness, ringworm ). Rich in vitamin E, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. Gives shine to the hair.

Palma Christi is bottled in glass to further protect the integrity of this premium castor oil. Each stage of its production, from planting to pressing, has been carried out under careful supervision to bring you the best possible quality.

Castor oil has been valued throughout the ages for its unique therapeutic properties. Today it is applied as a moisturizer and softener, for application with Oil Castor packs, as a massage oil for muscles and joints , for gastrointestinal problems (see castor oil capsules) and to soothe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Castor oil applied externally in the form of "packs".

Castor oil is rich in a unique concentration of fatty acids and, when applied topically, acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It also has excellent moisturizing properties making it perfect for skin and hair care.

Joint and muscle pain. Massaging castor oil into affected muscles, ligaments, and tendons can relieve pain.

Castor oil poultice Many people report improvements in mobility, inflammation, elimination, and circulation. in particular of the lymphatic system.

Beauty. Massage a small amount of castor oil into the scalp and hair roots to relieve itching and flaking and repair dry, damaged hair. Apply to eyebrows and lashes to nourish and thicken.

250 ml