Le Rescue Remedy : Un élixir Floral Contre Le Stress


Bach - Rescue Remedy: A Floral Elixir Against Stress

Floral Elixir Against Stress. A mixture of 5 Bach Flowers, the famous Rescue Remedy relieves the symptoms of stress. Here is a presentation of this natural remedy that can deal with all emergency situations.

This remedy is recommended to help overcome difficult or stressful moments in everyday life. It would allow you to regain your calm in case of stress or significant emotional or physical shock .

Easy to use, Bach Flowers are suitable for children and adults alike and present no risk of addiction or harm.

Who can use Bach Flowers?

Bach flower essences are very suitable for all of these people:

  • Infants and young children; from childhood to puberty
  • Teenagers
  • Adults in general
  • Women (female cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause)
  • Men (transitions, andropause, etc.)
  • To the elderly
  • As well as animals (small and large)
What is the composition of Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is an emergency remedy combining 5 Bach Flowers:
• Star of Betlhehem: for shocks
• Prunnus cerasifera: for panic and loss of self-control
• Clematis vitalba: for the feeling of stupor and the risk of fainting
• Helianthemum nummularium: for panic fears
• Impatients glandulifera: for stress and mental tension.

How to use Rescue Remedy?

Rescue Remedy is a preparation that can be used by adults and children in all situations experienced as an emergency:
• unforeseeable event: accident, bad news, fear of panic, bereavement
• stressful event: appointment to the dentist, surgery, travel by plane, exam to take or job interview
• physical or moral shock.

Count 4 drops of pure remedy at each intake, directly in the mouth or in a glass of water and space the intakes until the symptoms of stress disappear.