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Monceaux Laboratory - Lavender water

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Lavender water. Made in Canada. Biodegradable. Apply to the face with a cotton ball to keep the skin soft. It can be added to salads, pastries, etc ... Can be used to perfume the laundry.

Floral water, also called hydrosol, is water collected after distillation of a plant. It contains, in small proportions, the same components and properties as the essential oil from which it is extracted, and, unlike the latter, floral water can be used without special precautions.
It can be used after removing make-up from the skin, as a tonic, to refresh the face or in the preparation of home care where it will play the role of aqueous phase.

Ingredients: Purified water, concentrated lavender flowers from France.

Lavender is very rich in active ingredients: it can be in turn purifying, relaxing, antiseptic and even healing.

For oily skin, it can be used to gently remove excess sebum, lavender also has healing and regenerating properties. Not to mention its soothing action on body and mind.

Benefits of lavender floral water for hair


Lavender floral water works first on the scalp, which it will nourish and soothe, and the roots, especially if you have oily hair. It is then applied as a lotion, or simply mixed with your shampoo. By massaging the scalp (on wet, towel-dried hair), it calms itching. To give shine to your hair, you can use lavender floral water as a rinse water, combined in equal parts with rose and thyme floral waters.

Importantly for moms, lavender floral water (like lavender essential oil) is a very effective lice repellant. Just spray a little on your children's scalp, as well as behind their ears, every morning before you leave for school.


380 ml