Huile essentielle eucalyptus globuleux organique/Pranarom


Pranarom - Organic globular eucalyptus essential oil

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Globular eucalyptus essential oil . Aromatic molecules: 1.8 cineole
Distilled part: leaf

Very widespread all over the world (Spain, Chile, India, China, etc.) and widely used for its healing properties, this beautiful tree from the great aromatic family of myrtaceae has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and expectorant action.

Eucalyptus can reach up to 70 meters in height and has a trunk diameter of 2 meters. Much of the trunk is smooth while the bark settles in bands.

This essential oil is a popular decongestant remedy for upper respiratory tract infections and inflammatory infections, such as bronchitis. In these cases, it is used as an inhalant, where it reaches the lungs and bronchioles to help soothe congestion and lung infections. It is also used this way for colds and flu or externally as a chest balm. If taken internally as in a lozenge or as a cough mixture it is in very diluted state and in smaller doses.

It is often used in an ointment, cream or gel as a topical treatment for muscle and joint pain and acne.

Tips & Tricks:

To clean up the atmosphere during winter periods , diffuse the mixture composed of 1/3 HECT Eucalyptus globular + 1/3 HECT Eucalyptus radiated + 1/3 HECT Eucalyptus mentholated.

2 drops, 3 times a day on a neutral support (honey, cane sugar, vegetable oil).

Oral route: ++
Cutaneous route: ++++ (!)
Air distribution: ++++
Aerosol inhalation: -
+++++ = strongly recommended - (!) To be used with caution


• Skin irritation (dermocaustic) possible in its pure state. • Keep out of the reach of young children. • Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. • Do not exceed the recommended dose. • Unless otherwise authorized, do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in children under 3 years of age. • Keep away from any source of heat and light.

 10 ml