Beurre de karité bio équitable/Karité delapointe


Delapointe - Fairtrade organic shea butter. Lavender

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Fairtrade organic shea butter / Shea delapointe.

100% pure. Naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E, F, K. Nourishes in depth, protects against roughness and chapping due to cold and dryness. For sensitive skin, for the whole family. Melt the butter by rubbing it with the palms of your hands.

The shea tree is a tree that is found only in Africa; it grows in the wooded savannas of West Africa. It produces an edible fruit consisting of pulp and a nut. The butter shea or vegetable butter is an edible substance extracted from the fruit of shea .

Applying shea butter daily helps to strengthen the protective barrier of the skin. However, be sure to combine the use of shea butter with a sunscreen suited to your needs. We do not recommend using shea butter as sun protection on its own.

For cracked fingers. Prevent and moisturize your hands by generously applying a moisturizing hand cream made from shea butter.

-To fight against dry skin

-To fight against stretch marks in prevention.

During your pregnancy or a diet, do not hesitate to apply shea butter liberally to areas sensitive to skin tension, such as the chest, stomach or thighs, to protect it from stretch marks.

-After-shave for these gentlemen. To soothe your skin after razor burn, do not hesitate to apply a little shea butter on your skin.

-In lip care

-Extremely hydrating, it will nourish your dry lips in fall / winter.

-You can also use it on your nose if it is irritated by a bad cold or seasonal allergy.

-As a relaxing bath treatment, you can add a few knobs of shea butter to your bath, perfect for relaxing while hydrating your skin.