Bach-rescue blackcurrant flavor lozenges


Bach-rescue blackcurrant flavor lozenges

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Gain serenity, Discover Rescue

History of Rescue ®  and Bach ®  Original Flowers

Edward Bach developed the 38 Bach Flowers ®  between 1928 and 1935 in England.

Edward Bach was convinced that an individual's state of mind played a vital role in maintaining a state of good health.

Since the 1930s, the 38 Bach ®  Original Flowers have been made in England from Flowers, Flowers from trees and Flowers from wild plants.

Developed in 1936 by Edward Bach, the Rescue ® mixture   is composed of 5 Bach ®  Original flowers which contribute to daily serenity for the whole family, in all circumstances.

  • Star of Bethlehem: Comfort
  • Impatiens: Patience
  • Cherry Plum: Mastery
  • Clematis: Attention
  • Rock Rose: Courage
  • Rescue lozenges:
  • Delicious, practical and discreet, the lozenges contain the mixture of 5 Original Bach flowers. Ideal for meetings, exams, travel ...

  • Available:  In box of 50gr
  • Directions for use:  1 lozenge several times a day.
  • Consumer information:

    Blackcurrant flavor
    Natural aromas.
    Alcohol-free. Without sugar. With Sweeteners.
    Excessive consumption can lead to laxative effects.

  • 35 lozenges