100% pure essential oils.

For therapeutic, aromatic and skin care use.



To fully benefit from all the benefits of essential oils without having the disadvantages, it is very useful to specify the few tips and precautions that govern their use:



1. Wash your hands  after each massage or contact with the synergy to avoid rubbing with sensitive areas such as the eyes but also to prevent the fragrance (odor) from accompanying you throughout the day.



2. In the event of accidental projection of essential oil in the eye, rinse it imperatively under cool water  for 2 minutes then place a compress impregnated with a vegetable oil (olive, hazelnut, apricot kernel…) for about ten minutes. In the event of accidental contact with sensitive mucous membranes (genitals, ear canal, nose), it is advisable to act in the same way: rinse with water then apply a compress impregnated with vegetable oil.



3. Respect the recommended number of drops , the frequency of application or setting, as well as the duration of use. The treatment is effective at these doses and increasing them would bring nothing more than the possible risk of side effects.



4. Patients with allergies  and ultra-sensitive skin will  perform a tolerance test before  using  these synergies  by applying a few drops to the crease of the elbow. In case of intolerance, a skin reaction will be visible in about ten minutes and the treatment will then be discarded.



5. In case of allergy, intolerance or skin irritation,  a pplicate a few drops of marigold vegetable oil  (calendula) 3 to 4 times a day for 2 to 3 days.



6. If you accidentally swallow  a large volume of essential oil,  immediately call  your regional Poison Control Center .